Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I Joined the Foundation Course and Why Others Should Join Too

Funny title right? I myself don't know why I am blogging this post because if I wanted to convince anyone to join this course or college, he/she should just read the other post/s to convince himself/herself about how much I enjoy myself and if him/her came to Geomatika he/she could and would have just as much fun. Anyhow I will state my reasons and if anyone get convinced so be it. However be warned these are MY reasons and it may have nothing to do with you joining at all.
  • On the advise of my agent from D Karisma.
  • Geomatika offered a fast track for those studying dentistry to Indonesia. (4 months as I started late but it should be 6 months and I am unsure of other fields and such as well as to other countries)
  • It was conviniently located for me. (near relatives as well as far from some)
  • Not as pricey as the more popular colleges and universities.
  • The university I wanted to go into in Indonesia was alright with the foundation course from Geomatika.
These are the top 5 reasons that I can think off the top of my head. To anyone reading this and trying to come to a decision, for more questions and answers to those questions, I would advise you to go to the homepage to get clarification and more information.

Memorable Event

In Geomatika, my most memorable event would probably be the first day I entered the college as a student. While there are others such as seeing the hostel, meeting my English teacher (reminds me slightly of Mr. House from a show of the same name) for the first time, and many others; even the title 'the FIRST DAY' just have that extra something to it. The day started as a sunny day, but I got the wrong information and had to wait 30 minutes for the bus to pick me up worrying all the time that I might have been left behind. At the college, I got lost trying to find the office until someone pointed me to the right direction (I am so glad they didn't play a trick on me by telling me to go in the opposite direction) and then Mr. Nihal, the director, so happened to come into office later that day thus I came to class late. Then I sat in the coldest part of the class for the rest of the day (the aircond directly blowing at me) and it felt like my ears were going to be frozen. Well, no pain, no gain goes the proverb plus what kind of first day would it be if everything was perfect and there were no problems? Definitely not a memorable one.

Why I Choose My Course

The path towards the future of contentment and happiness is a dark and rocky one indeed. It is not easy as everyone tries to stake their claim and make a name for themselves out in the world. After secondary school, the thought of 'what am I supposed to do next?' will no doubt come into mind. Where should I go from here? What shall I do now? When should I start? And even, Why are the so many options to choose from when I don't even know what I want? Some people have their career all planed out. Others are bending this way and that way to try to find their calling in life. I have to admit that I fall into the latter category. Maybe apart from those who has to inherit the family business, we all try to find a career that collides with either our interest, skills, talent, or hobbies so that the idea of going to work for another good 33+ years doesn't seem too daunting. Once my secondary studies were over, I was like a lost pet. All I knew was I preferred working in the shade, I am good with numbers, quick with my hands, shy yet talkative, repetition for a norm is good, and I may slightly more money-minded like my mother. Long story short, I choose dentistry over optimistry (not as interesting), accounting (rather look at my money than others), lawyer (never did well in history), and business management (why pay to study it when having my own business thus hands-on experience is better?). With the advise of my agent from D Karisma, I joined Geomatika under their Foundation in Science and am on the path of becoming a dentist.

Why I Like Geomatika

Geomatika aka Geomatika College International is where I have started on the path to higher education. It may not be among 'THE most popular private colleges or universities' such as Taylors, Sunway, and SEGI, to name a few; but I think friendly people, a quiet and conducive place to study, dedicated lecturers, well-paced course structure, convenient transportation, as well as decent plus reasonably priced food nearby is all that one needs of a place of higher learning. Even though a huge library, courts and fields for all sports, sounds great and all; however it is not like that is where students will stay through out their college or university life. And I have found that Geomatika fulfill these 'requirements'. Without paying an arm and leg, I can enjoy my student life; I guess that is why I like Geomatika.